Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan

When distance separates you from your family, it's always hard, but for most of us overcoming these hardships is a matter of taking a vacation, a flight, or just a day off to see our family. But the distance between these families is created by metal bars and forged criminal charges, corrupt officials and an authoritarian government. These are the families of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan, a small country between Russia and Iran in Eurasia, has at least 119 political prisoners: lawyers, journalists, bloggers, youth, civil society and religious activists. All imprisoned for speaking out against injustice, for standing up for fundamental freedoms and human rights. Thrown behind bars on trumped up charges without a chance for a fair trial, kept in cold cells, tortured and deprived from family visits, these people need your help. 

Most of the Azerbaijani political prisoners are a breadwinner of their families. They are in prison now and their families are in a hard situation both morally and financially. Help us raise money for basic necessities for some families of political prisoners in Azerbaijan. 

People in DC Metropolitan area, you can also come and learn more information on Azerbaijani political prisoners, see an exhibit by popular Azerbaijani dissident photographers and find out how you can help Azerbaijani political prisoners and their families. Sign a postcard for a prisoner, raise this issue with your Congress member or bring your own idea on how we can help them. The event will be held on January 31, 2017 at 6:30 pm, at WeWork premises at 1342 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009 USA.
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MeydanTV Jamal Ali, an employee of Meydan TV, He was detained at the @tbilisiairport upon arrival from Berlin. #Georgia pic.twitter.com/nSCfX4psyV
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